A freelancer is the person who will be in contract with some different companies to work with them and do the projects of his own for the companies and provide them the require projects to the company. These freelancers are interested to work with multiple companies and show their talent. They frequently change the contracts with the companies once the project is completed. Similar talent pool of free lancers and their database is held with us at NC as and when our clientele have the requirement for Freelancers, we are also committed to share their profiles as well for any domain any stram and job profile.


  • We are open to process the Freelancers profiles and recruit them to the Employers' network that we behold.
  • We are open to process the requirements of the Employers who are seeking to hire the Freelancers.

A freelancer will go to the clients and work with them or they work from home for a period of time in which they make a contract between the client and the freelancer for a period of time by calculating the in hours/days/projects wise. The freelancers will get the contracts from many clients. We make sure to pull the choicest Candidates who do the projects one after the other by making an agreement with the client for completion of project in a particular time frame. As they have taken the contract the freelancers complete the project within the time period which they got committed to the client.

We have a proven, time-tested recruitment process which allows us to recruit just the right candidates for your company, when it comes to the Freelancers. We have professional networks all over which give us access to a huge base of candidates. We vigorously screen, shortlist, and evaluate potential candidates to give you the choicest picks. While hiring the freelancers if distant, there may be a completion of dead line with the client and the work will be done in a fast manner and the quality gets down in the work and have a chances for skipping the work in middle also. Therefore, unlike regular Employees, for Freelancers, we have our own strictly followed processes to assess the genuinely and performance of the Candidate.

The pros and cons of a freelancer is :

  • He/ she can work from anywhere.
  • He can work from home or work in your office if it is required & important.
  • The company will hire the freelancer for any such kind of work to be done instead of hiring a part time employee.
  • The freelancers will be specialized in a particular sector or field. By that the company will hire the freelancer according to their requirement.

In today's difficult market with the supply falling short of the demand it may be very tempting to hire the first person that meets the requirement. But it is very essential that the organization hire the right person so as to avoid any kind of misconduct, dispute or fraud. We at NC, also do reference check on behalf of the client.