Head Hunting

Head-hunting is the process of recruitment which involves expertise in recruiting the most prospective candidates for a particular profile. Our endeavor is to recruit high caliber professionals for our clients. We maintain a strong data bank of candidates in multiple fields, be it in any level etc. We, at NKXGEN Consulting, carry out extensive research of the target industry and corporate to bring out the most deserving candidates for any profile required by our clients. It is very crucial for any company to hire right candidate for right job and we have developed our expertise for the same. We have experts to hunt the right candidates for every profile very effectively.

We initiate the recruitment process understanding the exact job description from client which involves a brief meeting with client outlining the company's background, culture, structure, market standing, stability, growth and future plans. Based on the information provided we make strategy with industry analysis and map different organizations where the appropriate candidate can be head hunted. We personally interview the candidates to whom we find closely fit to that profile. During these interviews we carefully assess each candidate against the key criteria that have been specified in the brief. We pay utmost attention to the work exposure and competency of the candidate to choose the best suited candidate for any profile.

We at NC, have the Head-hunters who are Pro-active professionals constantly looking for people rather than passively waiting for people to come to them, It is a high-powered executive search research intensive but our consultants and our experience through years in the industry own extensive network of contacts on which they can draw. Our search may involve hundreds of contacts, at times, merely a handful. Certainly at the end of any assignment or work, the work intensive process should have trawled all through the specified areas where that specialist skill mix match might be found.

We at NC use the method of head-hunting not only for high-level positions, but also for jobs that require a high degree of expertise. For companies who want to further expand, this is often the appropriate method to find the best profiles

Since 2004, an array of top notch companies have trusted their back office services to NC. With us, your recruitment process is simplified and you get the best of Employee talent in-time.

So one can visualize that the head-hunter's role is work intensive and diverse. Above all it requires an understanding and trust that is bonded with trust with all involved. At NC, Head-hunters are highly trained professionals, and we are here to assist you and work with you in achieving your goal and we are the proven to be most valued resource for clients in need.

Advantages of our Head Hunters :

  • Specialized in the location, industry or domain that you seek candidates for
  • Proactive & Aggressive approach to find suitable candidates by reaching out to qualified individuals
  • Our head hunters call the working individuals directly due to the good working profile of the suitable individuals
  • Our head hunters are involved in recruiting the top management executives ,who are highly skilled and resourceful
  • Our Head hunters can derive from client.s need to fulfill a particular senior position within the organization or an unsolicited candidate whom the headhunter feels is a great fit for his/her client's requirements.